9067-32-7, Hyaluronic Acid, Honghao Herb

Hyaluronic Acid

CAS No: 9004-61-9

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Honghao Herb is a wholesale bulk supplier of Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is a sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the skinis. Hyaluronic is a clear, gooey substance. The largest amounts of it are found in skin, connective tissue and eyes. Hyaluronic acid functions to retain water to keep tissues lubricated and moist.

Product Name
Hyaluronic Acid  
CAS No 9004-61-9
Food grade; Cosmetic grade; Medicine grade
Wather Solubility
100% water soluble
Appearance White Powder
Source Micro-Biological Fermentation
Part Used Seed
Super Low Molecular Weight <10,000Da
Low Molecular Weight 10,000Da-200,000Da  
Regular Molecular Weight 200,000Da-1,600,000Da
High Molecular Weight >1,600,000Da
  • Promotes healthier, more supple skin
  • Can speed wound healing
  • Relieve joint pain by keeping bones well lubricated
  • Smoothe acid reflux symptoms
  • Relieve dry eye and discomfort
  • Preserve bone strength
  • Could prevent bladder pain
  • Convenient DHL, FEDEX, UPS and EMS service